Modern programming

For new and traditional architectures


Unified application development

The Platform DOMINANT is intended for high-performance software development

Own lightweight virtual machine accelerates adding of new ecosystems

The unique implementation level of the platform components

Higher development speed
Higher execution speed
Own compiler

High performance

Tests show
high compilation speed
and virtual machine performance
(in scenarios of complex use of language properties).

Code reuse.

The source code is written once. Together with the use of the framework allows to increase speed of development and reduce a number of developers.

Perfect programming language

The programming language of the platform inherits the syntax of Java and C#,
additionally contains a popular and productive concepts of C++

Powerful implementation of the templates

In generic programming

Resolution of ambiguities

The algorithms are similar to elegant C++ language solutions

Joined classes

Optimization of memory allocation for complex data storage structures

Predictable performance

Memory management logic is based on reference counting and is entered to a code generated by the compiler. This makes performance predictable on any hardware.

National localization

Additional Russian and German localization — synonyms of the keywords.



Framework implemented
on the platform and not dependent
on external components

Easy access to data

Data access framework (ORM)
is based
on a hierarchical tree

Native interface

The visual components
of the platform create native
interface elements

The database visual schema designer automatically creates a relational database objects. Data queries in programming language are created with usage of subject area terms.
of data coding
Because the developer doesn't use SQL directly, the complexity of creating and maintaining applications with complex logic of data processing is reduced considerably.

Applications on the Platform DOMINANT are operated in organizations and industrial enterprises.

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